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An analytical look at the world of intuition

DR. PENELOPE tells a story about a world that more and more people express curiosity about. Seers and fortunetellers have been around since the beginning of time, sometimes reviled, sometimes respected, and sometimes a bit of both.

Currently, more people than ever consult a psychic or intuitive about life questions, while the sale of spiritual candles, scents, and tools proliferate. The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums reports that the number of people who repeatedly consulted a psychic for more than a year more than tripled between the years 2012 and 2015 (from 47,000 to 145,000). Independent research published by Fortune Magazine and other publications show a similar interest among top-tier businesses and executives who are using psychics in support of key decision-making.


It seems that women are more likely than men to consult a psychic on topics ranging from love and romance to money. The presented data also shows that clients are younger than in previous years, tying in with a huge population of Millennials who are seeking their sense of purpose in the world. Conservative estimates of annual growth in the industry point to expectations of 2-3%, but that it is likely to be much more than that. While psychic readings are experiencing a surge, so is the sale of metaphysical products. Independent researcher IBISWorldreports similar increases in the sale of everything from tarot and oracle cards to crystals, and elements of the metaphysical are reported to be the latest trend in everything from beauty products to tech apps.


But as always, the metaphysical industry comes with its fair share of skeptics. Comments and articles questioning the validity of consulting a psychic abound on the Internet where the practice is generally considered "alternative". Academic research, although opening up to the possibility of parapsychology, has yet to prove the existence of many paranormal phenomena using traditional, quantitative methodologies. Many people keep their interest under wraps out of concern for being judged or belittled by those who have a different point of view, and even though many clients and psychics claim a relationship with angels, spirits, and God, some religious organizations reject the use of psychics in personal or spiritual development. Still…


People want personal growth, and often accept psychological therapy, psychic counseling, and various forms of religious/spiritual nurturing. It is not uncommon for the same person to have their angel cards and go to church. They are curious and growing more curious by the minute. They want to learn more, explore the world of psychics, and to be allowed to question and reach their own conclusions, thereby enhancing their spiritual awareness.


This is the world of DR. PENELOPE - unwaveringly questioning, challenging expectations, and asking intelligent questions about the logic and intuition that drives all of us in our quest to become better human beings. These are the stories that people want to see, laugh at, cry at, and identify with. We get to experience the realities of coming of age and stepping into adult life at the same time as we are reminded of the importance of staying connected to our inner child and the joys of discovery that our puppet, Dr. Penelope, represents.


DR. PENELOPE is the first, pilot episode that is also a stand-alone short film ready to tell the stories that grown people yearn to see, talk about, and grow from. Won't you join us?


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